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Simple Touch

Business Categories: Health & Wellness Service Region: Entire Province


Simple Touch, a non invasive gentle approach to whole body wellness since 2003!

The Hurley Osborn Technique gently encourages alignment of the Spine thru activating the Sacrum, into restructuring. In response muscle contractions & ligament tensions are lessened enough for the Body as a whole to initiate back to it's original or close to design. This whole body approach from head to toe leaves one initially in a sense of real time euphoric correction! The body will respond by revealing its ability to self correct with proper support & overtime with ongoing ease of relaxation, layers of injury, accident will lessen or the person will experience full correction in timely fashion. Almost, miraculously a miracle!!

Simple Touch also incorporates Raindrop Technique with Young Living essential oils and the helps of Zyto Scan Technology.

Hurley Osborn & Essential oils merged bring forth a most memorable experience with vast individual responses, observed and even personally experienced, thru my own healing journey since 2000!

I was told I would be in a wheelchair due to severe Disc Degeneration Disease (DDD) in L4,L5, S1...NOW years later in my 6th decade, I am non medicated & high functioning physically! Thankful I had the above work on my person, hence why SIMPLE TOUCH beginnings & ongoing, came to be!


#11, Harrison House Newdale R0J1J0

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