Be My Guest

Next Wednesday, April 22 from noon – 1:00 pm my Toastmasters club is having an open house, and I would like YOU to come as MY GUEST! Don’t worry if public speaking scares you. As my guest, you’ll have nothing to fear; I’ll protect you! Under my protection, you can safely explore if Toastmasters is right for you.

Public speaking is like golf or learning a language. There is always something to learn and improve. Being a Toastmaster and attending weekly meetings helps maintain my comfort with public speaking and my fear stays in check. I still get butterflies in my tummy before every speech, but thanks to the skills I learn and practice at every weekly meeting, my confidence remains greater than my fear. There are lots of great Toastmasters clubs to choose from in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba. So why did I choose Headliners Toastmasters?


The members in our group are a lot of fun to be around. They are positive and funny, and I always learn something interesting from at least one person at every meeting.


Our group is very encouraging and relatively non-competitive. The focus is on participation and positive input. We use the sandwich method for feedback: start and end by highlighting the things the speaker did well. In the middle make one suggestion on what could be improved upon.


And speaking of sandwiches, that is the other GREAT thing about Headliners Toastmasters. Because we meet at lunch time, we often have pot luck or snacks. There may not be food at every meeting, but when we do, it is WONDERFUL!

So if you fear public speaking more than you fear death, Headliners Toastmasters club may be just what you need! Take your first step toward conquering your fear by being my guest next Wednesday at our Headliners Toastmasters open house (April 22 from noon – 1:00 pm) Please email me to let me know that you would like to attend so we can be sure to have enough food…because if Nancy doesn’t have food, we’ll all have something to fear (just kidding!)

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