A Culture of Gratitude

Gratitude is not a rare occurrence in our office. Every day we are fortunate to work with talented women entrepreneurs who aren’t shy about saying thank you. It may come in the form of an extra-special phone call, note or even a gift basket.

Incorporating gratitude into every facet of our lives is important not only for the soul, but also for our businesses and careers. The 29% Solution byIvan R. Misner was suggested to me by our Director of Communications and Client Services, Alison. The belief that people do business with people they like is an important message in this book which outlines successful networking strategies. Coincidentally, the section on ‘thank you’ was featured at a BNI Meeting Alison attended this week.

Receiving a simple handwritten thank-you card is becoming rarer in our digital age. It is so much easier and quicker to dash off a thank you email than it is to send something through the mail. The time and effort required are what make the hand-written note so powerful. In his book, Misner stresses that you should be truthful, specific and positive when showing gratitude. He also warns that gratitude should be about the other person; including a business card in a thank-you card is counterproductive because it puts the emphasis back on the sender.

So where does social media fit into the gratitude equation? This week, one of our business advisors received a lovely acknowledgement from a client and we planned to share it on our Facebook page. But technology often creates distance, and many interactions on social media are perceived as artificial.  The simple remedy to this is to take social media back to the core of what it does best: interact. Not only interact, but interact with intention and personality. Eliminate generic responses when expressing gratitude, stand out from the crowd and see the change!

Have you heard someone say, “Don’t tell me, tell my boss”? Saying thank you to a business or client on social media does this tenfold. The praise is visible to friends, family, and potential customers.

In true passing-it-forward fashion, we encourage anyone reading this to take some time out of your day to say thank you. We promise you will reap the benefits!