3 Ways to Play the Number Game on Social Media

More and more businesses are adding social media to their list of marketing strategies, a move which we support. Growing an online presence is an excellent way for businesses to establish themselves as experts in their field, tell their company’s story and engage with an audience that may be geographically spread out. Building a social media platform takes time and dedication so here are a few tips to keep in mind while you are developing your audience:

Be Attractive
Whether your followers are reading your words or looking at your photos, remember that social media is a visual activity. It’s important to take the time to post attractive photos and to maintain a consistent voice when writing your posts. IPhones have allowed everyone to become photographers and offer access to a variety of photography apps that help get the job done well. Some of my favourites are VSCO and Afterlight.

Be Personable
Talk to your followers and respond to every comment, message and tweet you receive. Social media is all about building an online community so take the opportunity to be part of it. Follow other accounts in your line of business and/or your city and engage with them, too. Do your best to be approachable, personable and friendly, no matter how many followers you have. And remember, if your followers feel they have a relationship with you, they’re more likely to buy from you. Take advantage of every relationship-building opportunity that comes your way.

Be Aware
The best way to build a successful social media account is to watch and learn from others. What are your favourite accounts doing? How are they editing their photos? What are they writing about? What are they tweeting about? This is not to suggest that you should copy other accounts, but take the time to watch and learn from them. Critically analyze their strategy and think about how you’d like to build your own. Follow the ever-changing online trends and allow yourself to become inspired by everything you see.

I hope these tips both inspire you and help you to build an online marketing strategy and remember that as the Social Media Coordinator at the Women’s Enterprise Centre, I’m always here to help!

– Ashley Wood