14 Manitoba Women-owned Businesses that support the Mind, Body and Soul

Do you have big plans this year to shift your mindset, listen more intuitively to your body needs, and do more things that fuel your soul? Here’s a quick list of women-owned and partnered businesses in Manitoba that can support your journey to a healthier mind, body, and soul.






Prepping your mind for a new year and all the new business goals you want to achieve can be daunting. You’re never alone with the right community and support! That’s why we’ve gathered a few Manitoba women entrepreneurs that can support the inner work needed to focus your mind for success in 2022!


Peace of Mind Therapy and Consultation

Whether it’s one-on-one or group sessions, therapy can make all the difference for a great year ahead. What makes Winnipeg-based Peace of Mind Therapy and Consultation stand out is that they also offer Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as well as Equine-Assisted Therapy.




Linda Vickers

When stress and challenging times are underway, sometimes you need someone with experience to cheer you on and guide you through the storm. Linda Vickers of Times of Transition is a life coach focusing on all those big life changes so that you rediscover the joy of life.




Fortify Wellness


If accessing all your wellness needs under one roof sounds like a pipe dream…think again. Fortify Wellness has done just that, with a wide variety of holistic practitioners available for all your 2022 health goals.





Susan Kuz 


Some WECM clients may already be familiar with Susan Kuz, who facilitates our Strength in Community Workshops. But outside of WECM, she is a positive psychology practitioner, coach, and instructional designer with a focus on mental wellbeing and personal growth.





Don’t wait until the busyness of business life consumes you before you take the necessary steps to support your needs. Your body is an important vessel and these women-owned and partnered businesses have dedicated their practices to supporting your health journey.


Back in Motion 


Owned by not one, not two, not even three but FOUR women entrepreneurs, Back In Motion will help you get your mind and body in tip-top shape with a variety of techniques including massage therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, cupping, acupuncture, reflexology and more.




Kylie Adele


Based in the city of Winnipeg, Kylie Matechuk operates an enterprise centred on holistic, wellness coaching. Offering yoga, nutrition and online coaching, you can discover more about Kylie on our “Here’s How It’s Done” WECM Podcast.



Susan Wenzel


In an area that still carries some stigma, Susan Wenzel meets her clients with compassion and expert advice. As a certified sex therapist and relationship expert, her focus is on couples therapy, the gender affirmative approach, and person-centred therapy.


The Community Gym


Find your community with this accessible and inclusive gym. Hosted in an approachable environment, challenge your body with fitness classes such as spin, boxing, yoga, rowing and more.





A Little Nutrition


For many people, nutrition and mental health are intrinsically linked. The team at A Little Nutrition can help those recovering from eating disorders, teach intuitive eating and even help you to create family meal plans.






What’s good for the soul? That really depends on an individual’s preference but perhaps this list of Manitoba women-owned and partnered businesses might unleash some of those hearty “good for the soul” moments you’re striving for in 2022!


Hygge in a box


Give yourself something to look forward to every season with Hygge in a Box; a subscription box that aims to inspire moments of comfort and mindfulness. Each box contains a curated collection of products from Canadian businesses.




Boho Soul Kombucha


Kombucha is the new chicken soup for the soul. Each batch of this Minnedosa-based business is made with intention and care, with a variety of flavours to keep your soul feeling well-fed throughout the year.






Drop In Dance Winnipeg


For many, dancing is what moves the soul. If you haven’t attended dance classes since you were a kid but want to tap back into movement, head to Drop in Dance Winnipeg where they offer an inclusive and welcoming space for dancers of all skill levels.






A Maze in Corn


What better way to contemplate and allow the soul to breathe than with a slow wander through a snow maze? Given the distinction of being the World’s Largest Snow Maze, this winter attraction is great for both families and those who seek a challenge.


Spicy Radish


For a meal that’s more than worth the drive, Spicy Radish is a favourite for locals and visitors alike. Known for its crispy fries, delicious burgers and fresh salads, Spicy Radish is the ideal stop for some comfort food for the soul.




There you have it! Our list of 14 women entrepreneurs in Manitoba that can support your path to a healthier mind, body, and soul. Know a female entrepreneur we should highlight next time? Connect with our team! We always love learning about new women entrepreneurs we can help promote and support!


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