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February 14

Social media has become an accessible and cost effective tool that enables entrepreneurs to create awareness about their products/services and build their businesses. But using social media effectively for your business requires skill and time, two things that you may not have in your entrepreneurial tool kit. Kelly Thibodeau, founder and principal of Squarely Social, will explore various aspects of outsourcing social media for your business. She will talk about ways of finding the right consultant for you, identifying goals, measuring success and your role as the business owner in guiding content. Kelly Thibodeau is a strategic marketing manager and…

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Training & Events

We deliver a variety of training options and events that address the needs of women at various business stages.

Interactive, hands-on training is delivered by our staff or subject matter experts. Welcome to Business and the Business Plan Development Workshop Series are introductory sessions for women in the early stages of business planning and start-up. Other sessions focused on marketing, management and financial understanding have been designed to provide participants with information that can be immediately applied to the operation of their businesses.

Networking and professional development events provide women entrepreneurs with opportunities to enhance their knowledge and connect with other professional women.

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